10 steps to select the best Interior designer for you

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The Author – Abhijeet Kulkarni is A Qualified Interior Designer & Holds Degree in Interior designing From SPA JNAFAU(Hyderabad) with 18 years of Design Experience and Believes in Ethical Design Practice. He can be reached at design@shunyabindu.com

10 points to consider before you select an INTERIOR DESIGNER:
1.     Talk to the designer and understand what all he does, i.e does he only design & make drawings or does he also take care of the interior site work construction. Do have a look at some of the designer works to understand their quality of works.
2.Experience counts-Also consider the designers experience in designing, the more the experienced is your designer Less are the chances of making mistakes in your project. Because mistakes will cost you money and time overruns.
3. It is also important to understand that different people (different clients) have different tastes and requirement of interiors ,so kindly don’t judge the designer only by their previous works as the designer has to fulfil the particular clients requirements & needs and has to work around the given budget constraint & timeline.
4. Have an open mind and listen to the designers idea as He is the one with more experience and will definitely suggest so that you benefit.
5. Definitely check the qualifications of your designer as there are many people in the profession without  proper Educational background and a speciality in the Design.
6. A Designer will have a team of workers of his own to work with, this will ensure you good quality of work and prevent head breaking in arranging the workers.
7. A good designer is the one who will give you a patient ear i.e calmly listen to  you understand what you want and help you in fulfilling your dream of a beautiful house interiors.
8. An Experienced Interior Designer will have vast knowledge of materials, finishes their working methods, Costs, Time taken for the Particular work so you can ask questions based on these parameters to gauge the designers expertise.
9.  Lowest isn’t always the best so don’t scout for a designer with lowest fees as a Parameter. For a Good work never comes cheap and will payoff in the long-run.
10.  Last but not the least sign a contract with all the terms and conditions so that it is easier for you to know and fix the scope of works of the designer.